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Leeds woman thanks Samaritan who saved her from Tinshill gas explosion

A woman from Leeds has thanked the 'good samaritan' who rescued her after a gas explosion in the building where she'd lived for 12 years.

Jane Fallon lost everything following the blast in Tinshill three days before Christmas.

The blast happened on the first floor, but Jane, who lived downstairs - was in the property and feared the worst.

She's now formed a friendship with Ricky Jackson, who pulled her out from the wreckage.

He's just a hero isn't he? There's no other way to say that he's a hero. He risked his own life at the end of the day. I mean Ricky's got children. If anything would have happened to Ricky I don't know what I would have done. We want his kids to know that their Daddy's a hero and he's wonderful.

– Jane Fallon

The council have now put Jane up in a new property. She says the man who ran to her rescue is more than welcome to pop by!