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Sheffield PhD student speaks of time in Morton Hall detention centre

A Sheffield PhD student has spoken of his time at an immigration removal centre that campaigners say is being run like a prison.

Ahmed Sedeeq was detained at Morton Hall in Lincolnshire after what he describes as a 'misunderstanding' over his student visa.

Four people have died in the centre in the past twelve months - leading a committee of MPs to announce an enquiry into conditions. The Home Office say they take detainees' welfare 'extremely seriously.'

Campaigners gathered outside Morton Hall this weekend Credit: ITV Calendar

This weekend campaigners staged a protest outside Morton Hall - demanding that the centre be shut down.

Conditions have been deteriorating, we're now at the point where there's been four deaths inside in the last year. So we're making our voices heard for people who generally are quite forgotten. It's quite a remote location, people aren't generally aware of what takes place here.

– Rob Graham, Shut Down Morton Hall
Campaigners say Morton Hall should be shut down Credit: ITV Calendar

It's the only detention centre where batons are used by staff, it's very much like an old fashioned prison rather than a detention centre. Many other countries don't have detention centres, we have detention centres where there's no limit on the amount of time people spend in them, which is an appalling situation.

– John Grayson, South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Home Office added:

"Detention and removal are essential elements of an effective immigration system. Those with no right to be in the UK should return to their home country. We will help those who wish to leave voluntarily but when they refuse to do so, we will take steps to enforce their removal."