Sheffield's 'man with the pram' honoured for fundraising effort

Sheffield royalty John Burkill Credit: ITV News

Sheffield royalty John Burkill, better known as 'the man with the pram', has been to meet actual royalty, Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales commended him for raising more than seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds in his fifty years of fundraising.

The event also celebrated the work of several Macmillan volunteers from across the region.

Tom Hacker, from Horbury, was presented with the Sir Hugh Dundas award in recognition of his work to raise over £50,000 in 2014/2015.

Julia Featherstone from Bradford, won the Vicky Clement Jones award, which recognises volunteers who share their cancer experience publicly.

And Laura Adamson, currently employed as Macmillan Information Co-ordinator at Mid-Yorks Hospital, was also honoured at the event.