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Dog found tied to fence and frozen to death given fitting final resting place

Plaque of respect for Red Credit: Dogs Trust Leeds

The Dogs Trust Leeds says the discovery of the frozen dog was one of the most distressing incidents they have ever had to deal with.

The German Shepherd cross, which has been named by the rehoming centre as 'Red' due to the colour of his coat, was found tied to a fence by a volunteer out walking a rescue dog on December 30th.

Staff and volunteers have been so upset by the discovery, that Red has now been laid to rest in the rehoming centre’s memorial garden with a memorial plaque stating: “For a lovely boy we called Red. I wish we could have helped you in life.”

Centre manager Amanda Sands said the dead dog was found tied to a fence in woods in freezing conditions close to the A1 at Bramham - tragically just over a mile from the York Road rehoming centre.

She said staff and volunteers were devastated by what happened to the dog and desperately wanted to enable him to rest in peace after such a traumatic end.

The weather that weekend was dreadful with snow, freezing rain and wind and the thought of that poor dog being abandoned in this way is unbearable.

We all immediately said that if his owner could not be traced we wanted to lay him to rest in our memorial garden so he can rest in peace. We wanted to give him the respect in death he deserved in life.

– Amanda Sands, Dogs Trust Leeds Rehoming Centre Manager
Centre manager Amanda Sands with Red's ashes Credit: Dogs Trust Leeds

The dog was not microchipped so his owners cannot be traced and there is concern that he may have been a much-loved dog who has been stolen.

We don’t know if this dog has been stolen or whether he has been abandoned by his owner in this terrible way, which is very hard to imagine. It is now compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped and if he had been we could have reunited him with his owner if he had been stolen. We would urge anyone who can no longer care for their dog, for whatever reason, to approach Dogs Trust or any other rescue organisation so a new loving home can be found for them. No dog should end their life in this horrific way.

– Amanda Sands

Anyone with information about how Red died is urged to contact the RSPCA Cruelty Line on 0300 123 4999.