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Superhero radiotherapy mask gives six-year-old boy from Hull cancer treatment boost

A special Batman radiotherapy mask has been produced by Leeds Children's Hospital. Credit: ITV

A six-year-old boy from Hull who's going through cancer treatment has been given a superhero alter-ego to make his radiotherapy sessions more bearable.

Youngster William was turned into Batman for his treatment and as he wore the mask, health workers at Leeds Children's Hospital referred to him only as Batman.

The special themed therapy masks - adorned with designs from Iron Man to My Little Pony - are being made by staff at Leeds Children's Hospital.

The idea was inspired by hospitals in America which have done a similar thing and in Leeds it's being led by play therapy specialist Lobke Marsden.

Radiotherapy masks cover the face and stretch over the shoulders, fastening patients to the treatment bed to ensure they stay still for targeted treatment.

If the children can't stay still for their treatment, which can last between 20 minutes and an hour, the only alternative is to have a general anaesthetic for every session.