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Dog walker rescued after getting stuck in sinking mud

Chris Gunning had to be rescued after becoming stuck in the mud Credit: Duncan Young/BPM Media

A man had to be rescued after getting stuck knee-deep in mud chasing his dog along a beach.

The Coastguard was called to the mudflats in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, this afternoon after the dog walker became trapped in the dangerous sinking mud.

Chris Gunning had to be pulled out of the mud Credit: Duncan Young/BPM Media

Chris Gunning, who is from Sheffield, was walking his dog along the beach, near Suggitts Lane, at around 1.25pm when his pooch broke free of his lead to chase birds - heading directly into the mudflats.

"My dog got off his lead and we went after him, me and my wife and my daughter.

My wife and my daughter went for the dog and they got him fine. I came back for my son and I got stuck in the mudflats."

– Chris Gunning
Chris said he didn't know the area was dangerous Credit: Duncan Young/BPM Media

Chris said he was pleased by the quick response from emergency services as he didn't know the area was dangerous, and could have ended up in a worse situation.

"They were absolutely amazing, I can't fault them in any way shape or form - they are worth absolutely everything we donate to them.

I wasn't aware of how dangerous it is - I'm not from this area so we don't come to the sea very often."

– Chris Gunning
Chris Gunning was brought back to solid ground by the coastguard Credit: Duncan Young/BPM Media

Senior coastguard Jamie King said:

"We were called out at 1.25pm to a report of a dog stuck in the mud and when we arrived it became apparent that there was a person also stuck in the mud.

They deployed the mud rescue team and they went out with apparatus to remove the man but eventually had to use their hands.

This was all while our helicopter hovered above providing additional cover and support.

We made a safe transition back to land and the man and dog were both well though cold and muddy and he may have lost his shoes."

– Jamie King, Senior Coastguard