The School with 72 languages

The Co-operative Academy in Burmantofts, Leeds, is a school where students speak 72 languages. Credit: Michael Newton

Every week we hear about the huge challenges for schools up and down the country - from funding cuts, to talk of a recruitment crisis.

Calendar was invited into one particular school - where students speak 72 different languages.

It provides many challenges for the Co-operative Academy - in Burmantofts - one of the most deprived areas of Leeds. Not least how to teach children - many of whom do not speak any English - the curriculum.

That's where the 'EAL' classes come in; classes to teach the basics of the English language, so students can start taking mainstream subjects.

One student - Kosei Taha - arrived from Sudan with no English; he hadn't ever been to school or held a pen. He now hopes to go to university.

Kosei Taha hopes to go to university

The academy's headteacher is Jonny Mitchell - star of TV series Educating Yorkshire.

Headteacher Jonny Mitchell hopes to raise the Ofsted rating from 'needs improvement' - but says the school is already achieving so much

He said: ''I hope we have given our children - every one of them - enough to be good people. To forge a career. But most of all, I hope it gets recognition from the local community - they they think, do you know what, Co-op Academy is a great place to go to school. If that happens, I'll be a pretty happy bloke.''

Helen Steel spent a few days at the academy. See the first of her special reports here here: