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Bradford to trial government 'integration' plans

The government says around 770,000 people settled in the UK don't speak English Credit: PA

Bradford has been selected as one of five areas to trial a new government scheme aimed at improving integration.

The proposed Integrated Communities Strategy calls on schools to teach "British values" and sets out plans to boost English language skills and encourage women from minority communities to find jobs.

Bradford, Blackburn, Peterborough, Walsall and the London borough of Waltham Forest have been chosen to develop local integration plans.

The proposals, backed by £50 million of public money, include:

  • A community-based English language programme, with a network of conversation clubs and support for councils to improve provision of tuition.
  • Personalised skills training to help women from "isolated" communities into work.
  • Measures to ensure young people have the opportunity to mix and form lasting relationships with people from different backgrounds.
  • Promotion of British values across the school curriculum.
  • Increased take-up of the National Citizen Service.

A consultation paper on the plans follows the 2016 Casey Review, which warned that social cohesion could not be taken for granted.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid defended the plans, saying some schools are suffering from a "segregation problem", while around 770,000 people settled in the UK do not speak English.

"Just imagine the opportunities they have given up on, the inability they have to socially mix with others and really contribute to society," he said.

"It's not fair on them and it's not fair on the rest of society."