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Update on the latest snow, ice and winds, from Emma

Snow drifts in Lincolnshire, taken from North Hykeham. Photo: Susan c/o ITV Calendar

Dramatic weather makes the headlines again, causing disruption across the ITV Calendar region, especially across parts of Lincolnshire. At 8.30am today, Sunday, 35cm of snow was recorded in Waddington, and drifts of up to two foot are likely around buildings due to gusty winds rearranging any lying snow.

Indeed, snow drifts concern us as much as snow depth today and with gusts of 46mph at the coast this morning, this could be a real issue. An unprecedented gust of 91mph was recorded across the second highest peak of the Pennines at 10am on Sunday and although these lively gusts have now eased, they still remain vigorous at 35-40mph throughout Sunday afternoon.

Strong, gusty winds at Bridlington on Saturday, continue into Sunday. Credit: JACKIE BROOKSHAW

A severe wind chill is evident again today, temperatures barely struggling above 0.9 celsius in Bridlington this morning and the snow showers continue to buffet in from the North Sea.These are mainly confined to the east of the Pennines now, 1-4cm of fresh, powdery snow likely in places until midnight, but there is not as much of a shower-banding issue as there was on Saturday.

Max and Paddy in the snow! Credit: KERRIE GREENFIELD

Some have been enjoying the snow like Max and Paddy here, but...

Several inches of snow for parts of the region today - but this has to thaw... Credit: NICOLA YEOMANS the thaw sets in, ice is now a threat.

As the thaw sets in, ice becomes an issue. Credit: MARK BLAKELY

Ice however is a threat and slippery surfaces are likely to be widespread overnight and into Monday morning so pay special attention if you are planning your Monday morning rush hour commute.

As high pressure gradually drifts across to the west of Scotland on Monday, it cuts the easterly flow and the air will become less cold as the flow transforms into a northerly. By Tuesday we are into an Atlantic feed of air once again and my midweek this coming week, temperatures will only be a degree below where they should be for the time of year so feeling relatively mild again.

The new week looks like being unsettled, cloudy, relatively mild and breezy with rain at times... but nothing like as cold as it is today!