Two critically endangered black rhinos have been welcomed to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Jasper and Makibo were transferred from German zoos as part of a global breeding programme, which saw three-year-old rhinos Hodari and Dayo move from South Yorkshire to the Netherlands.

The heavyweight exchange involved months of planning at the wildlife park in Branton near Doncaster.

The incoming rhinos - of which there are fewer than 3,000 worldwide due to poaching - will make their first public appearances over Easter.

The organisation had to be top class to make sure the animals were transported in comfort but our staff are very experienced at ensuring these moves are done professionally and calmly.

Simon Marsh, Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Makibo is one of two black rhinos that have arrived in South Yorkshire. Credit: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The exchange programme will see the Yorkshire Wildlife Park welcome a female black rhino named Najuma next year.