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Missing Sheffield cat takes 60-mile trip in delivery lorry

Six-year-old Dexter travelled over sixty miles in the back of a lorry Credit: RSPCA

A cat who has been missing from Sheffield since Easter has been reunited with his owner after he took a 60-mile round trip in a supermarket delivery lorry.

The staff at the Morrisons store in Penistone Road, Hillsborough, spotted the cat leaping out of the lorry on Monday (April 16).

The driver had just taken a journey from Sheffield to Wakefield and back again.

The staff contacted the RSPCA and Inspector Kim Greaves collected the part Maine Coon, part domestic shorthair tabby cat.

Dexter was being looked after by Gaynor’s father whilst the family was on holiday when he went missing. Credit: RSPCA

Insp Greaves said: “Dexter had certainly been on a journey. He didn’t have any injuries and seemed fairly healthy although he was a little skinny after two weeks away from home.

"I scanned the microchip and realised he was registered to a Gaynor Radley in Sheffield. She was only around the corner so I met her right away. Dexter leapt from the carrier into her arms and purred."

Figures show that between January and December 2017, only 13% of cats who came into the RSPCA centres were microchipped - and many of these did not have up-to-date details recorded.

Dexter’s owner, Gaynor said: “We are absolutely delighted to have Dexter back. We were starting to think something terrible had happened. It’s amazing he ended up back home and didn’t leap out anywhere else. I can’t believe it.

“He hasn’t left our side since he came back. He has nuzzled next to us and slept on one of the children’s beds all night."

Dexter (the cat) and his family Credit: RSPCA

Dexter was being looked after by Gaynor’s father whilst the family was on holiday when he went missing.

Gaynor and her children, Oliver, Sam and Lily put posters up and had lots of people looking for him within about a half mile radius.

She continued: “It really shows the importance of microchipping. I think everybody should make sure their pet is microchipped. If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have him back now.”

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "we're glad that Dexter's adventure had a happy ending".