Accused shoplifter banned from Toys R Us - which shuts for good in 3 days time

A man accused of shoplifting has been barred from all West Yorkshire branches of Toys R Us – which is set to shut down in three days.

Jason Williams has been charged with taking toys worth £129 from the Toys R Us store at Birstall in West Yorks, which is due to close for the last time on Monday. (April 23).

He was allegedly seen acting suspiciously on December 17th by a security guard - Kirklees magistrates heard he attempted to pass the tills with a trolley without paying.

Williams, 45, from Leeds, denies any wrongdoing and claims he did try to pay for the toys but there was an error with his credit card.

He was told his trial will be held at the court on June 18 - and that in the meantime he was to stay out of Toys R Us stores in West Yorkshire.

In March it was announced that all branches of the toy store will close within six weeks following the chain’s collapse into administration.But magistrates decided to keep the bail condition in case any Toys R Us stores remain in the area.