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April weather returns for the new week

East best over next few days as weather moves in from the west Photo: Scarborough HAZEL SHARPE


A cooler feel to the day, with a moderate southwesterly breeze developing through the morning. Turning increasingly cloudy as outbreaks of rain push in from the west, turning locally heavy at times, before it clears east later in the afternoon. Initial highs to 18°C, but dipping behind the rain.


Mainly dry with some sunny spells during the evening. Turning breezy overnight with isolated showers pushing in from the west, though staying largely dry in the east. Lows 7°C.


Breezy and feeling cooler on Monday in a moderate westerly wind. Some sunshine, particularly in the east, before cloudier, wetter conditions push in from the west overnight. Highs 15°C.


Unsettled and windy at times through the middle of the week, with showers and longer spells of rain interspersed with occasional brighter spells, the best of these in the east