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73-year-old man car-jacked in Grimsby

The incident happened on Sutcliffe Avenue Credit: Google Streetview

An elderly man was injured in a car-jacking in Grimsby.

The 73-year-old was in a Mitsubishi Colt outside a takeaway on Sutcliffe Avenue when three men walked up and opened the car.

One got in the passenger side while another dragged the man out of the driver's seat and drove off in the car. The third suspect ran off.

The victim suffered injuries to his face.

The stolen car is still missing.

Detective Inspector James Fairgreaves from Grimsby CID said: “This was a wholly unacceptable crime committed against an elderly man who was attacked and then had his car stolen.

“I want to stress that this is an isolated and opportunist crime which thankfully doesn’t happen often. We want to find these suspects and return the car to its owner."