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Baby ashes campaigners secure meeting with Health Secretary

Memorials are at the site where some of the babies' ashes were scattered Credit: ITV News

Parents affected by the baby ashes scandal in Hull have secured a meeting with the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Tina Trowhill started a campaign group after her son William's ashes were scattered without her knowledge.

Campaigners want Hull City Council to hold an independent inquiry. The meeting will take place in July.

Hull Action for Ashes Chair Tina Trowhill said: “Meeting the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will be a major boost for bereaved parents in Hull who have been trying to find out what happened to their babies’ ashes - and why.

Parents also want to know why there has been such an effort over the years from some to prevent the truth coming out.

An independent inquiry in Hull similar to that held in Shrewsbury, which cost only £50,000, will assist in building confidence that everything is being done to ensure that lessons have been learnt and that the same mistakes will not be made in future.

– Hull Action for Ashes Chair Tina Trowhill