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Pioneering fish skin surgery on foal with 'worst ever' acid attack burns

Pioneering surgery on horse

A team of surgeons has carried out a pioneering fish skin operation on a foal found in a field in Chesterfield with what's been described as the 'worse acid burns' ever seen by animal inspectors.

The foal, believed to be around eight months old, was found dumped with acid burns to its face in the village of Clowne.

A team from California has travelled over to operate - joining forces with doctors from Pinderfields Burns Unit in Wakefield - for the surgery which took several hours at the Rainbow Equine Hospital in North Yorkshire.

In what's believed to be the first operation of its kind on a horse in the world, they attempted to apply collagen grafts to the foal's face in the hope it will encourage recovery.

Teams joined forces for surgery

WARNING: Katie Oscroft's report, below, causes images some may find distressing.