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Man jailed for carrying a knife

A man has been sentenced to six months in jail after being found carrying a knife in Sheffield on Bank Holiday Monday.

Josh Kirby has been sentenced to six months in jail Credit: South Yorkshire Police

The 21 year old who had a knife tucked in his trousers, sat in the back of a car is now behind bars purely for possessing a blade.

Josh Kirby was a rear seat passenger in a black Peugeot 308 with four other men in the car.

Officers who were on high visibility patrols in the city, became aware of a strong smell of cannabis coming from a parked car.

The men were removed from the vehicle when officers seen him pull a nine-inch blade from his trouser leg and try to hide it under the seat in front.

He was arrested at the scene for possession of a bladed article and taken into custody.

Kirby admitted in his interview he had been picked up to go and smoke cannabis in the car but denied the knife was his.

He was charged with possession of a bladed article and appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, 9 May, where he entered a guilty plea and was sentenced immediately to six-months in prison.

Kirby just had the knife in his possession, and he’s now behind bars. Possessing a bladed article is a crime and people will be arrested if they believe they are above the law and make the decision to carry a weapon.

There is no legitimate reason why anyone would have a nine inch knife and be sat in the back of a car, smoking illegal drugs on a weekday afternoon.

You are more susceptible to actually becoming a victim of knife crime if you carry a knife, and you are also more likely to use the weapon in criminality if you carry one.

I hope Kirby does think while he’s in prison and considers his actions, as there are much better ways to spend a bank holiday Monday than possessing a lethal and dangerous weapon.

I also hope his arrest sends a very clear message that we are committed to protect our communities and our city from those who choose to be involved in any form of criminality.

– DC Ryan Griffiths