Somali mothers fight back against violent gang crime in Sheffield

A group of Somali mothers in Sheffield are fighting back against violent gang crime Credit: ITV Yorkshire

A group of Somali mothers in Sheffield are fighting back against violent crime in Burngreave.

After an outbreak of gang violence claimed the life of a young Somali man, a group of local mothers decided to take action.

Violent and sexual crime in the Burngreave area of the city has risen by a staggering 74% in one year, with knife and gun attacks on the increase.


increase in violent and sexual offences from 2016 to 2017.


violent and sexual crimes have been committed in Burngreave so far this year.


violent and sexual offences were reported in Burngreave alone in 2017.

But Mothers living in the area say nothing is being done for young people from their community.

We've got people selling drugs right in front of us. We've got people carrying knives right in front of us. We've got things that frighten us as Mums happening right in front of us.

Zahra Abdullahi

Now, they have taken matters into their own hands to try to stop their children getting caught up in the trouble on the streets.

They have set up a youth group to give vulnerable children in the area a safe space to meet up and play sport.

Community outreach workers say it is a vital resource - and keeps the boys away from older men who want to recruit them into gangs.

What would they do without Mother's of Burngreave? These boys would have been on the streets where others can recruit smaller children. For them to have a safe place for children to express themselves and play activities but to push into a bit of culture is brilliant.

Safiya Saeed, Community Development Worker

Saeed Brasab, 35, from Broomhall, coaches football at the sessions. He got involved in community work after an horrific drive-by shooting.

Burngreave has a number of challenges, particularly around the lack of provisions for young people, and this is time away from whats happening on the streets and issues in and around the community so it's vital.

Saeed Brasab

The group, sponsored by Active Burngreave, hopes that they can work together to tackle stigma and make sure no more young lives are stolen.