Barnsley schoolchildren urge parents not to smoke

Children from a primary school in Barnsley are urging parents to think twice before smoking around school grounds.

The 'peaceful protest' by pupils at Laithes Primary School is part of the 'Breathe 2025' campaign - and the council's vision to make the borough a smoke-free zone.

The authority wants to ensure the next generation of children are born and raised in a borough free from tobacco and where smoking is invisible.

Laites primary school

The playground protest follows on from the success of smokefree play parks, smokefree market square and from Barnsley being the first northern town to have a smokefree outdoor area in Barnsley Pals Centenary Square.

The campaign will now be rolled out to all Barnsley primary schools with pupils making their own banners and posters urging parents not to smoke near them.

People who want to give up smoking are urged to contact Yorkshire Smokefree service.