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New man in charge calls for 'tree compromise'

Stand off as trees are felled

The new man in charge of Sheffield's controversial tree felling programme says there needs to be compromise on all sides if the dispute is to be resolved.

Councillor Bryan Lodge quit the role last week saying he'd suffered personal abuse. Protesters dispute the council's claim that only dead, diseased or dangerous trees are felled by its contractor Amey.

Councillor Lodge's successor, councillor Lewis Dagnall wants to see an end to the row.

New man in charge: Councillor Lewis Dagnall

I think I want to go out and listen to what residents across the city are saying and how they want us to move on from the position we are in. I think we need a compromise from the council, we need a compromise from Amey but we also need a compromise from the campaigners as well if we are going to reach a resolution that enables us to move on as a city

– Councillor Lewis Dagnall