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Settled spell continues. Cooler for the coast

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A dry day is forecast with sunny spells during the morning, but increasing cloud will make the sunshine more hazy later, especially in northern areas. Feeling warm inland with mainly light southerly winds, but cooler near coasts. Highs 22°C.


Staying dry through the evening and night with variable cloud cover and light winds. Some low cloud, mist and fog patches may affect coastal areas at times. Lows 7°C.


Dry with sunny periods for most parts, but low cloud, mist and fog may occasionally encroach along coastal areas of North and East Yorkshire. Fresher near coasts with onshore breezes, but warm inland. Highs 23°C.


Continuing dry and often sunny through the period. Feeling warm inland by day, but with cooling onshore breezes near coasts. Sometimes misty overnight with low cloud or fog encroaching inland.