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Single-decker bus pulled from sea in Cleethorpes

A single-decker bus was pulled from the sea in Cleethorpes after it was found abandoned in the water.

Coastguard crews from Donna Nook and Cleethorpes arrived at the cliff to see the waves crashing against the side of the bus.

The bus was recovered in the early hours of this morning Credit: BPM Media

No one was found on the bus after police called the coastguards to the scene in the early hours of this morning.

It was originally reported to the police by a member of the public who saw it driven onto the beach.

A search was carried out along the beach by both coastguard teams, while RNLI Cleethorpes conducted a search along the water line west towards Grimsby Dock and then east towards the Leisure Centre.

No one was found on the bus Credit: BPM Media

We are absolutely devastated at the theft of our vehicle, which is the second bus theft in eight months. Our last bus was found in Grimsby crashed into a bollard and in a similar geographical location to this find.

With a busy bank holiday looming, we are devastated, and are working closely with police in Cleethorpes, to assist with their inquiry. We would very much like to thank Donna Nook from RNLI who rescued our vehicle from the sea.

The vehicle is now at a recovery yard awaiting police fingertip searches.

– Jane Fitzpatrick, Red Bus