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Calendar Weather - Sunday into Monday

Temple Newsam, Leeds Photo: IAN HESZELGROVE


Warm or locally very warm sunny weather, with most places dry. Feeling cooler along coasts with an onshore easterly breeze. Risk of a thundery downpour developing from the south late afternoon and evening. Highs 24°C.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Low cloud, mist and fog patches will return during the evening and overnight, but most places will remain dry. Feeling cool in the easterly breeze. Lows 9°C.


Sunny spells will gradually develop inland during the morning, and feeling warm here by the afternoon, but mist and low cloud may linger along coasts with cooling northeast breezes. Highs inland to 23°C, but the coastline staying in the teens celsius, average at best.

OUTLOOK: Staying much warmer than average inland but struggling at the coastline at times as an easterly airflow continues.

Mainly dry on Tuesday, occasional sunshine inland. Cooler and misty near coasts. Thundery showers more of a risk by Wednesday.