1. ITV Report

Warm, muggy start to the new week

South Owram Photo: CATHERINE RUANE, Leeds


Cloud will increase through the afternoon with rain, drizzle and mist over western hills later. Highs 17°C.


Cloudy at first with rain, mist and drizzle, especially over hills. After midnight skies may clear further east, though it's likely to remain cloudy over western hills. Lows 10°C.


Similar to Sunday with a largely fine start, however cloud will increase from the west with rain arriving during the afternoon. The more persistent rain will be further west. Lincolnshire should get a decent day. Highs 22°C.


Mostly fine and dry on Tuesday with lighter winds. Turning cloudy and breezy midweek with showers or longer spells of rain. Thursday should be largely dry and sunny and feeling fresher.