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People urged to avoid area as crews continue to tackle moorland fire

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue is urging people to stay clear of the Catstones Moor as they continue to tackle a fire which started yesterday.

This aerial shot shows the level of fire damage to the moorland at Cullingworth Credit: West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Six fire engines from across West Yorkshire remain at Catstones Moor, Keighley Road, Cullingworth today.

Around 35 firefighters are extinguishing any remaining pockets of fire as they flare up.

The Fire Service was called shortly after 3pm yesterday and over 50 firefighters and 12 engines, were initially involved in tackling the fire which covered an area of 200 metres by 200 metres.

They worked in extreme heat conditions to bring the blaze under control.

The Fire Service was assisted by the Police helicopter.

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We are working in much better conditions today as the temperature and the heat has dropped.

Firefighters are extinguishing pockets of fire as they appear.

There was a lot of smoke coming off the moorland and our message to the public is to shut doors and windows if you are still being affected by this.

It is likely that fire crews will be in the area for the most part of today and we ask the public to kindly avoid the area so we can continue our work

– Incident Commander Ben Bush, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service