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Family of teenager who was allowed to 'rot to death' in Leeds jailed for manslaughter

The mother and grandmother of a teenager who was allowed to waste away have been jailed for manslaughter.

Denise Cranston (L), Dawn Cranston (M) and Abigail Burling (R) Credit: ITV News

Jordan Burling, 18, was found by paramedics wearing a soiled nappy and weighing less than six stone on the day he died at the family home at Farnley in Leeds.

Jordan Burling, 18, was allowed to ‘rot to death’ on an inflatable mattress Credit: West Yorkshire Police

His mother Dawn Cranston was jailed for four years, his grandmother Denise Cranston for three years.

His sister Abigail Burling was jailed for 18 months for allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.

The judge, Mr Justice Spencer, told the women it was “almost beyond belief” that Mr Burling “should have been allowed to die in his own house, here in Leeds, in 2016, in the bosom of his family”.

He said the pictures of the teenager in an emaciated state were “hauntingly reminiscent of starving victims of extermination camps in the Second World War”.

Earlier, Mr Burling’s aunt, Susan Burling, read a victim personal statement on behalf of his father, Steven.

Ms Burling said the family were trying to cope with a “living nightmare”.

The statement said: “I just can’t understand why all these horrific things have happened to me and my family.”