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Where's Home: the 'ghost estate'

ITV News links up today to reveal how tenants living in and waiting for social housing are experiencing difficult conditions and often feel ignored and frustrated by a broken housing system.

Following the Grenfell tragedy, a survey has shown that almost 50 percent of people living in social housing say they feel like second class citizens with their concerns over safety and their complaints ignored.

We will give an insight into the tenant experience, see and hear how people are living - we know that many people waiting for social housing have to live in temporary accommodation in the private rented sector.

Government figures show that the biggest cause of homelessness is the ending of tenancy in the private rented sector.

Homes here have been deemed uninhabitable Credit: ITV News

The charity Shelter has set up a Social Housing Commission that is due to report to the Government in October 2018 - as part of this they will be holding roadshows up and down the country.

ITV news is in a unique position to show what they will be hearing ahead of the report in October.

The Chair of the commission, the Rev Mike Long says: “I hope this commission will hold a mirror up to society. We need to take a long hard look at why communities such as Grenfell have felt ignored, forgotten, and too often like second-class citizens.

The experiences of residents here in Grenfell are sadly common in many other parts of the country, too.

– The Chair of the commission, the Rev Mike Long

Calendar has been to what has become known in Hull as the Ghost Estate - the once thriving community of the Preston Road area, where now only a handful of residents remain. The demolition and redevelopment of hundreds of homes has been dogged by delays - and those left behind say their lives are being blighted by gangs and anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is on the rise in the area Credit: Humberside Fire & Rescue

Three years ago James Chaplin moved into a council house on the Preston Road estate . It borders those due to be demolished.

James says that when night falls, the streets become a nocturnal playground. " I'm sick of stones being thrown at my windows," he says. "It's a nightmare around here.

They're in and out of the houses, they have bonfires in the houses. They steal your wheelie bins, set them on fire. It's a nightmare every night we've got the fire brigade down here.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has given Calendar footage to illustrate what crews have experienced. It shows a young boy who attempts to pull away their hose. He then uses a metal chain as a missile, before hurling a bin at the crew.

Steve Duffield from the Fire Service says: "We need to make sure our firefighters are safe and our comunities are safe places. We want to say to the young people, these aren't playgrounds, this is being prepared for demolition, it's not a safe place at all."

The houses - pre-world war 2 and built of concrete - have been condemned as uninhabitable. Around 500 homes are to be bulldozed. Over the past two years, the council has moved the majority of residents, but others say they are trapped here.

Homes are currently being demolished Credit: ITV News

Philip Parker rents his home from a private landlord. He told us "I have to wait for the council to buy the landord out before we move and we don't know what's happening, we're still waiting.

"I go to work, my wife goes to work, we come home and it's like Beirut, it's atrocious.They're setting fire to the houses, we've got an empty one next door. What's to stop them from going in there, setting fire and it coming through to my house. I just want to get off.

Inspector Mark Peasgood from Humberside Police says they are swift to take action. He told us

"Some examples of that - we 've had a problem family evicted from the estate for causing issues and anti-social behaviour and we've also taken young people and individuals to court looking at criminal behaviour orders to minimise their disruption."

The Preston Road scheme is one of the biggest housing renewal projects the city has ever seen. Eventually new homes will replace those being torn down, but the timescale for completion is not clear.

Councillor John Black is the cabinet member with portfolio for housing at Hull City Council. He says " "I do sympathise, I pass the area almost every day, I've passed it today. It means that the council has to deal with it even more urgently than it's dealing with it now.

"We have increased the demolition programme, and since two or 2 weeks ago, I think we'v almost doubled the number of properties which we are demolishing, because we are aware of the problems of anti-social behaviour.

I can say that a number of people, including myself, are really working to move that demolition apace. We will not lose a day in demolishing those properties and starting on with the demolition programme."

– Councillor John Black