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Jack Coulson: Jail for Nazi-obsessed teenager who wanted to murder Jewish MP

A Nazi-obsessed teenager has been jailed for four years and eight months for making a pipe bomb and downloading a bomb-making manual.

Jack Coulson Credit: Counter Terrorism Policing North East

Jack Coulson, 19, who dressed in Nazi uniform and filled his home in Mexborough with Nazi memorabilia, boasted he wanted to murder Labour MP Lucian Berger, who is Jewish, by shooting her in the head.

Leeds Crown Court heard Coulson was socially isolated and on the autistic spectrum but the judge said he had a very real problem with his extreme right-wing views and there was a very high risk he would re-offend.

Luciana Berger has been the MP for Liverpool Wavertree since 2010 Credit: Press Association

“Jack Coulson was in possession of disturbing and potentially dangerous material, which indicated an extreme right wing mind set and an interest in home-made explosives.

“He hadn’t come across this material by chance, but had actively searched for it and downloaded it. While no evidence was found to suggest Coulson was planning to act on this information, the combination of this material and his ideology is very concerning.

“This case also highlights the dangers of material that is readily available on the Internet, material that could be misused, or used for a terrorist purpose. Searching for and storing information of this nature has the potential to put the safety of others at risk will not go unprosecuted. In the wrong hands it could have serious consequences.”

– Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, Head of Investigations at Counter Terrorism Policing North East.