1. ITV Report

Becoming increasingly hot & humid

Messingham, North Lincolnshire Photo: ROBERT HINCHCLIFFE

Humidity rises through this weekend and into the start of next week.

Although cloudy at times, hot days and very muggy nights for Sunday and Monday.


Often large amounts of cloud, but also sunny spells, with most places staying dry and becoming very warm after any early patchy mist, low cloud or fog soon clears. Coastal areas will be slightly cooler, as onshore breezes develop. Highs 26°C.


Dry with often large amounts of cloud, but also some clear spells, especially later in the night. These may allow a little patchy mist or fog to form. Lows 13°C.


Any early mist and fog patches will soon clear, leaving a dry, very warm day with some bright or sunny spells. Increasingly humid. Highs 28°C.


A battle between weather fronts to the NW of the UK and very hot and humid conditions to the SE. It looks like these fronts could give a fresher feel with higher risk of showers on Tuesday

Very warm, becoming locally hot, highs could reach 29-30°C and feeling humid.