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Man who killed young Hull mum jailed for manslaughter

A man who killed a young Hull mum has been sentenced to six years in prison.


Jason Gaskell, 24, stabbed Laura Huteson, 21, to death at a property in Milldane, Orchard Park, in February.

He was originally charged with murder, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) accepted a guilty plea of manslaughter.

Laura’s family and friends paid tribute to her following her death with her sister, Cara, saying she missed Laura “every day”.


“Laura was just 21 years old and mum to a young son, with her whole life ahead of her. Her death came as a shock to everyone who knew her.

“Jason Gaskell, 24, admitted to her manslaughter and today he was sentenced to six years in jail for his part in her death.

“Laura’s family have shown courage and determination during the investigations and the court proceedings, something they would never have expected to have to experience and that must have been very difficult throughout. “I hope that the conclusion of the case will now enable Laura’s family and friends move forward and remember Laura as the loving and caring young woman she was.”

– Detective Chief Inspector Mark Goulding­