A mother from Castleford has thanked a good samaritan who came to her aide when she went into Labour in a hospital car park.

Izabela Padureanu was walking towards the entrance of Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield when her waters broke.

Janet Watson, who had been visiting the hospital, saw Izabela struggling and stepped in to help.

She offered Izabela the back seat of her Peugeot 308 and with the help of Janet, two nurses and Izabela's husband Emanuel - baby Amelia was born.

Izabela says she'll remain grateful to Janet forever.

Credit: ITV News

"I remember that my husband came with the wheelchair but it was too late. I remember that there came a nurse and told me to lay down in the car fast. I pushed three times I think and the baby came out."


"There ended up being lots of people round the car trying to help. We asked if anyone had a shoelace and at that point the husband came back and my sister had to ask him can we have your shoelace to tie to the cord. I just can't believe what it must have been like to give birth in a stranger's car to a ten pound baby with no pain killers not speaking any English. All praise on the mum."

Janet, car-owner