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Daughters forced to fundraise so 92-year-old mum can die at home with family

  • Video report by Jon Hill

The daughters of a 92-year-old woman from Sheffield must fundraise so their mum can end her days with them.

Cath Moore, who has dementia, has sold her £128,000 home and used £80,000 savings to help pay for 24-hour care.

The former teacher moved in with her family three years ago.

Cath gets £500 a month towards her care but even her teaching pension does not cover the shortfall.

Cath was a teacher who taught more than 1,000 Sheffield children to read Credit: ITV News

Now her family need to find an extra £12,000 a year to pay for carers as funds run out.

They say the council has told them the cheapest option is a home. So daughters Deb Moore, 56, and Anne Ludlow, 62, are now appealing for help on the JustGiving website.

We provide a direct payment towards Mrs. Moore’s care based on her assessed needs. We haven’t been made aware of any changes in her needs but we do review support so we are happy to speak further with Mrs. Moore’s family. We have asked Mrs Moore’s locality team to contact he family at the earliest opportunity

– Sheffield City Council statement