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Widow's plea for military families to be taught about PTSD

The widow of a solider who took his own life is calling for military families to be taught about PTSD.

Private Reece Miller - who was from Huddersfield - served with the Yorkshire regiment and was a veteran of the Afghanistan war.

He was found dead just over two months ago - whilst on tour in Estonia.

In her first interview with the media, Fiona Miller told Calendar she could have helped him - if only she had known what she was looking for.

People say they change or they don't when they come back. Reece did change but it was over the years, not straight away. So you think if they come back with PTSD, they would be angry straight away, they would be moody, they would be horrible. But nothing changed in his personality really. But over the years now piecing it together - it happened gradually.

– Fiona Miller, Reece's widow
Reece and Fiona Miller

Now she is working with Reece's best friend to help people spot the hidden warning signs. He agrees that more support is needed for those who have seen action on the battlefield.

It's a silent killer isn't it. He was always laughing and joking but didn't really talk about how he was feeling. He was more interested in how other people were feeling and always caring about other people and putting them first.

– LCp Rob Cochrane, Reece's Best Friend
Rob (right) was Reece's best man on his wedding day

Now Rob is fundraising to raise awareness of PTSD and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health in the armed forces.

His challenge will see him walking from Catterick to Warminster - where Reece was repatriated.