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Appeal for 'forgotten' band of TEN brothers who served in WW1 to be recognised

It is thought only one of the brothers has a marked grave. Credit: ITV

Descendants of a band of brothers from York who all served in the First World War are calling for their family's commitment to the war effort to be recognised a century on.

The Calpin brothers are thought to be the biggest band of brothers to have fought in the conflict, which left more than 700,000 British soldiers dead between 1914 and 1918.

Miraculously nine of the brothers came home alive but the eldest, John, who was 39, died in 1916.

His grave, in a remote area of a cemetery in York, is the only place that any of the men's service is commemorated.

It is thought the rest of the men, after returning to poverty following the conflict, were buried in unmarked graves.

Two generations on, Mick Calpin is calling for a permanent memorial to the men to be erected in their home city.

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