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Warm and windy Saturday. Wet into Sunday, feeling fresher

Wet and windy in Normanton Photo: Thanks to MIKE ALLEN

After an exceptionally warm night, where lows didn't drop below 18 celsius for many parts of Lincolnshire, a warm but windy start to the weekend but many places drier compared to Friday.

The reverse into Sunday - winds lighter, not quite as warm, but thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain.


There will be spells of heavy rain continuing across the Pennines. Drier further east. Becoming generally very warm, with the highest temperatures around the Humber, but remaining windy everywhere with gusts to 45mph. Highs 24°C.


Perhaps some early patchy rain, but generally starting dry before persistent and locally heavy rain arrives from the south by dawn. Mild, but not quite as exceptionally mild compared to last night. Winds easing. Lows 12°C.


Rather cloudy with rain, locally heavy, through the morning. Gradually becoming dry and brighter from the west through by evening. It will feel noticeably cooler everywhere, despite the light winds. Highs just above average at 16°C.