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Ghostly goings-on captured in West Yorkshire

As Halloween approaches ghostly goings-on across West Yorkshire have been captured on camera.

Huddersfield spiritualist Pauline Day took the picture below during ghost hunts in West Yorkshire.

Wakefield Crypt Credit: Pauline Day

Pauline, who has worked as a medium for more than 40 years, took a photo of a ghostly image at a crypt in Wakefield which she believes is some form of 'spirit energy'.

She said the photos of 'orbs' were further evidence of the 'afterlife'.

Her past hunts, including in Denby Dale's Springfield Mills , have raised thousands of pounds for Kirkwood Hospice.

Richard capture this ghost-like image at Shibden Hall in Halifax Credit: Richard Muirs

During one of Pauline's ghost hunts at Shibden Hall in Halifax, retired forklift truck driver Richard Muir captured this oddly ghost-like image shown above.

Richard, 54, of Almondbury, described his photo as "so weird", adding: "Some people say it's a face but I see a family of two adults and two children. The figures are glowing.

"If you look at the photo carefully you can see the shapes of arms and legs."

Todmorden Unitarian Church Credit: Robert Crabtree

Photographer Robert Crabtree, who regularly takes photos on the ghost hunts, has also captured several unusual images in West Yorkshire locations including crypts, graveyards and at Shibden Hall.

Wakefield Crypt Credit: Robert Crabtree

He has shared his photos on Facebook, prompting comments that his images have "opened up the spirit world".