Trio behind bars after stealing from the vulnerable elderly

From left to right: Piotr Molda, 45, Anna Majewska, 42, Patryk Molda, 23. Credit: Humberside Police

Two men and a woman have been jailed for a total of ten years for a series of handbag and purse thefts that took place across the UK.

The trio targeted a number of elderly shoppers in supermarkets and shops across the country between September 2017 and April 2018.

It follows a lengthy nationwide investigation involving ten police forces which was led by officers from Humberside Police. The sentences were as follows:

  • Piotr Molda, 45, from Westbourne Avenue, Hull was given 5 years for conspiracy to steal.

  • Anna Majewska, 42, of no fixed abode received 3 years for 19 separate theft offences.

  • Patryk Molda, 23, of no fixed abode got 2 years for six separate theft offences.

Following a long investigation between officers from Humberside as well as Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, Cumbria, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Gwent, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Durham the three were finally caught and brought to justice.

A list of dates and offences can be found here.

Detective Sergeant Tom Kelly from Grimsby CID said:

This has been months of hard work, long hours and determination by our officers in gathering the evidence for these offences.

DS Tom Kelly, Grimsby CID

On 15 October 2018 at Grimsby Crown Court His Honour Judge Simon Jack described the offences as ‘appalling’ and that the three carried out a ‘carefully calculated plan to target the most vulnerable in society’.

He added that the average age of the victims was 76 or 77-years-old and that Molda, Molda and Majewska ‘made a business out of elderly vulnerable people’.