Pete McKee, Sheffield mural artist, gets honorary doctorate

Artist Pete McKee at work in his studio Credit: India Hobson

A Sheffield-born artist will receive an honorary doctorate in his home city this morning.

Pete McKee was born the son of a steelworker, who supported his love of art even when an art college rejected him.

He has gone on to produce some of the city's best-known murals, including his 2013 work 'The Snog', on Broad Lane.

In addition, his unique, colourful artworks have achieved global popularity. Mr McKee has worked with brands including Disney and Paul Smith.

Artist Pete McKee at work Credit: India Hobson

Tweeting about his honorary doctorate, he wrote: "Chuff me! I'm absolutely blown away and so proud."

He added his regret that his parents would not see him, but joked: "Jodie Whittaker won't be the only pretend doctor swanning around Sheffield."