Ben Needham: Blow for family as DNA found on toy car in Kos doesn't match missing toddler

The mother of Ben Needham says she's been left with more questions after a two-year wait on DNA results from material found in a police excavation found no match with the missing toddler.

The 21-month-old toddler went missing on the Greek island of Kos 27 years ago.

He was with his grandparents Eddie and Christine at a remote farmhouse Eddie was helping renovate when he simply vanished.

In 2016, South Yorkshire Police secured a Home Office grant for a fresh dig around the farmhouse in Kos, after a witness came forward with information about a second site where it's thought his remains could lie.

Officers found a number of items, but it was two specific samples which were tested - a toy car which could have been Ben's found on the second to last day, and a scrap of sandal leather, found in a previous search in 2012.

Although police do not know whose DNA was found, the tests reveal it's not from the toddler.

It's yet more anguish for the Needham family, particularly his mother Kerry, who has been searching for her son for 27 years.