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'Dangerous' man jailed and given football banning order after series of offences

A man who committed a series of offences on the day of a Scunthorpe United game earlier this year has been sent to prison for ten months.

Jack Harrison Credit: Humberside Police

Jack Harrison, who is 19 and from Winterton, was sentenced for ABH, throwing a flare and exposure when Scunthorpe United were playing Plymouth Argyle at home in May.

He assaulted a man in a fast food restaurant which resulted in the victim needing 22 stitches to his face. Harrison then bragged on social media about what he had done leading to his subsequent arrest in August.

Harrison has also been given a six year football banning order and has been put on the sex offenders register.

This man caused a significant injury to his victim in a completely unnecessary and unprovoked attack.

We do not tolerate violent offences, and we do not tolerate any kind of violence associated with football.

Scunthorpe United is a family club and these incidents are thankfully rare and are down to a very small, mindless minority.

Jack Harrison has been described in court as dangerous, abusive and reckless. He will now spend some time in prison to reflect on those words and what he has done.

– Superintendent Dave Hall