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York charity raise awareness of an app that provides travelling safety advice and city information

A York-based charity, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of taking precautions whilst travelling, is promoting the Safer Travel app.

Richard Stuttle, from Caroline's Rainbow Foundation, told ITV Calendar how he had set up the charity in memory of his sister. Caroline Stuttle was killed while backpacking in Australia in 2002.

She was just 19 when she was attacked and thrown from a bridge in Queensland, only a couple of months into her gap year trip across Australia.

Her family now run the charity in her name to offer advice to other young travellers on staying safe overseas.

The app provides safety advice and city information across over 250 countries for anyone travelling the world on a gap year, annual holiday or business travel.

The app allows travellers to plan their trip, providing useful city information alongside safety advice, information about common crimes, and guidance on areas that are safe for travellers.

It gives information about local emergency services and provides details of embassies, police stations, airports, tourist offices, and railway stations. It also provides details of places to visit in cities and visitor highlights as well as local news, customs and traditions of the area.

An important feature is the ability to send realtime information, alerting travellers to hazards, such as unforeseen unrest, political and social change or updates on natural disasters.