Homeless people in Hull, including a seven year old child, have been given a hotel break including Christmas dinner.

Forty-eight people were given shelter thanks to the homeless organisation Raise the Roof.

The Hilton Doubletree hotel offered 28 people a two-night stay for free including breakfast and Christmas dinner.

They stepped in after Raise the Roof had paid for rooms at another hotel but the booking was cancelled just before Christmas.

Meanwhile Raise the Roof have paid for another 20 people to stay at Hull's Travelodge, which has allowed some of the homeless people to bring dogs.

Father Christmas made a visit to a seven year old, who is the youngest person to be given a roof over their heads in Hull this Christmas.

Santa called in to see Hull's homeless Credit: Raise the Roof

Carl Simpson from Raise the Roof said: "We are really grateful to the Hilton for finding places for 28 people.

"We have had to pay for the other 20 to stay at another hotel, but the ones there were able to bring their dogs, so that worked out really well."