A1 in Lincolnshire closed after lorry tips over

The A1 in Lincolnshire has been forced shut after a lorry tipped over this morning.

Police say the single vehicle collision happened on Great North Road in Grantham at 5.02am.

Officers believe the truck has 23 tonnes of sulphuric acid in it, but it is fully intact and there are no leaks.

The road is closed while they deal with this collision and diversions are in place.

Police say there are no injuries to the driver, who was trapped initially but managed to get himself out.

“The truck has got 23 tonnes of sulphuric acid in it, however it is fully intact, there are no leaks what-so-ever from the vehicle. The main issue was the worry that it could leak but it hasn’t at the moment and we do not believe that it will do. “The problem we are going to have is that we are going to need to recover the vehicle and that could take some time with specialist equipment being needed to complete the recovery.

Inspector Mark Gee