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Sheffield jeweller, who stopped ram raid on her shop, 'would do the same again'

The moment a van ram raided Tracy Thackray-Howitt's shop Photo: CCTV

A Sheffield jeweller, who stopped a shocking ram raid attack on her shop, says she'd do the same again to protect her business.

Tracy Thackray-Howitt was standing outside her shop on London Road last Wednesday when a van smashed into her shop twice.

She refused to move and the attacker, along with his suspected accomplices, fled the scene.

Ms Thackray-Howitt said the raiders "wanted to take things that don't belong to them" with no regard for the impact on victims such as herself.

"I think everybody who is a jeweller, or who works in this industry, always watches what they're doing. We're always very paranoid because we know that people will always have a go at [attacking] us because of our jobs."