Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse over the Calendar region

York Credit: Kerrie Greenfield

There was a lunar eclipse in the skies over our region lin the eraly hours of this morning. It was a Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse.It was 'super' because it is closest to earth in its elliptical orbit. It was 'wolf' because that is what the native Americans called the first full moon of the year and blood because the earth's shadow causes the moon to turn red, much like a sunset turns red because all the blue light has been filtered out by the earth's atmosphere. Here are a few of your photos: (sent to

Wheldrake, York Credit: Andrew Woodcock
Thorne Credit: Brian Callery
Pocklington Credit: Paul Stickney
Guiseley Credit: Paul Gill
Grimsby Credit: Rowland Sparkes
This is the earth's shadow retreating across the moon's surface. Goole Credit: Marvin Osborne