Barnsley man's kitchen cockpit takes off

David Naylor - operating his kitchen cockpit

A catering worker has swapped frying for flying after building a flight simulator in his kitchen.

David Naylor from Barnsley spent 16 months creating the replica cockpit.

And he had no electrical and engineering background, so learned all his skills on YouTube.

David, 41, was made redundant and so spent his time building the fully-functioning copy of a Boeing 737 cockpit.

He sourced parts from the UK and across Europe.

Now he is offering pilot experiences from £65 a session.

David Naylor - Flight Simulator builder

Aviation enthusiasts can fly in and out of 20,000 airports worldwide, and select their weather conditions, and monitor it all on huge 4k screens.

Clients have ranged from aged 8 to 80.

Now the redundant worker's hobby has turned into a business...which appears to be taking off.