Tory MP Nick Boles faces deselection by own party, as local Conservatives vote to begin process

Grantham and Stamford MP, Nick Boles (Con), speaking in Parliament

Conservatives in Grantham and Stamford unanimously decided last night to begin the process of deselecting their own MP, Nick Boles.

The Tory party moderniser backed Remain in 2016, at odds to 61 per cent of his constituents. However, more recently, he has supported Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Yet Philip Sagar, the local Conservative Association chairman, said many local members were "angry" with their MP – particularly over his threats to quit the party, in an attempt to prevent the UK leaving the EU with no deal.

WATCH: Joe Pike reporting on the beginning of the deselection process.

Following last night's decision, Mr Boles will be asked if he wants to seek re-adoption as the party's local representative. If he does, local Conservatives will have to agree to keep him.