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Love is in the air! Your Valentine's Day pictures from around the region

Viewers have been sending in their pictures of love-heart shapes.

Vapour trails in the shape of a heart, near RAF Scampton Credit: Bob Riach

Meanwhile the Red Arrows tweeted this video about how they produce the hearts.

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Other viewers sent Jon pictures of hearts appearing in other surprising and delightful places.

A heart drawn in condensation on a car bonnet in Pudsey. Credit: Claire Newman
A sunset framed by heart-shaped hands in Ryhill. Credit: Sue Billcliffe
Curvaceous swan necks in Wingerworth Credit: Janie Dyson
Swans skimming across the water in Whisby Credit: Neil Roberts

Finally, this photo of a 'heart of stone' from Donna Ratcliffe!

A pleasing-looking 'heart of stone' on a beach Credit: Donna Ratcliffe