Special Report: ITV Calendar goes inside the Calais migrant camps

The Port of Calais Credit: ITV Calendar

For a two-part special on ITV Calendar, Michael Billington travelled to the makeshift camps in Calais of migrants – many of whom are desperate to come to the UK.

In Part One (first transmitted: 12 February 2019), we follow Rob Lawrie, the aid volunteer from Guiseley, near Leeds. Three years ago he was spared jail by a French court, after trying to smuggle a young migrant into the UK.

Despite his criminal conviction he continues to work with migrants, delivering aid on an almost weekly basis.

In Part Two (first transmitted: 13 February 2019), we hear from the migrants themselves who believe they can build a new life in the UK.

The lengths they are willing to go to, particularly at this time of year, has led even Mr Lawrie to discourage recent attempts to cross the English Channel: "They just don't have any concept of what the Channel is like," he says.

"The temperature of the water is about six degrees now. You wouldn't last four minutes in there."