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A Day in the Life of Sheffield's Lord Mayor, Magid Magid

Since he became the youngest Lord of Mayor of Sheffield last year, Magid Magid has been no stranger to controversy – from announcing that Donald Trump was banned in the city, to accusations that he's undermining the traditional role of the Lord Mayor with his irreverent behaviour.

In May his term will come to an end. He'll also step down as the Green councillor for Sheffield's Broomhill and Sharrow Vale ward. But before he does, ITV Calendar's Adam Fowler went to spend a day in the life of Magid.

At 8.42am, it's time to chain up and get ready for the day ahead.
Magid's greeted by student councillor Ryan, at Hartley Brook Primary School.
Magid's second appointment was at Sheffield Assay, where he got to hold a lump of gold that they test.
At 11.39am, there's just time for a photograph on the steps of the Town Hall.
Just before lunch, Magid volunteered to sell copies of the Big Issue on Fargate, part of a campaign with celebs turning street vendor.
At 3.12pm, the final engagement of the day: reopening the Sheffield & District African Caribbean Community Association's library and recording studio.